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Economics Honors Requirements

An honors degree in Economics identifies an Economics major or minor who has excelled in the classroom and demonstrated the ability to independently pursue Economic analysis. Honors students take ECON 499 as one of their upper division Economics elective courses. This course is limited to 10 or fewer students, and allows the student to investigate in depth an issue in Economics that he or she finds particularly interesting under the supervision of a member of the Economics faculty. Economics majors have priority in registering for this course.

To ensure students have sufficient background in Economics to complete this task, students are required to complete ECON 360 (Econometrics) and at least two other upper division Economics courses in addition to ECON 340 and ECON 352 prior to enrolling in ECON 499. Econ 360 has the prerequisite of MGMT 305 or an officially acceptable equivalent course. Econ 499 is typically offered in the Spring Semester.  Students can meet the ECON 360 requirement by taking ECON 562; students can meet the ECON 340 requirement by taking ECON 511 and meet the ECON 352 requirement by taking ECON 512.

The specific requirements to obtain an Honors designation are:

  • 3.30 overall GPA
  • 3.50 GPA in ECON courses
  • Meet prerequisites and complete ECON 499

There is no minimum number of credits completed at Purdue that is required for Economics Honors beyond the following requirements that exist for all ECON majors:

  • 75% of major/specialty area courses must be completed at Purdue University
  • ECON 340 (or 511) and 352 (or 512) must be completed at Purdue University
  • ECON 360 (or 562) and at least one of the two upper division Economics electives must be completed at Purdue University