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Semester Abroad for Economics Majors


Purdue University CampusIn an increasingly global society, an international component has become an essential part of higher education. A semester study abroad is an experience that gives students greater understanding of themselves, their society and culture, and the world. Through a firsthand experience of another culture, you can enrich your academic disciplines with comparative perspectives while broadening your personal horizons. You can also build lifetime friendships with classmates who share your semester abroad.

We strongly encourage all students pursuing an Economics major (BA or BS), as well as students pursuing joint majors such as Economics and Management, to experience a semester abroad.  To that end, we have designed examples of plans of study that allow students during their four years at Purdue to complete a semester abroad either in the fall or spring semester of their junior year.  Links to these examples appear below.  The examples present schedules for a spring semester abroad during your junior year. However, one can easily switch semesters so that the semester abroad is during the fall semester of your junior year.

                         Sample plan of study abroad for an Economics major (BS)

                         Sample plan of study abroad for an Economics major (BA)

                         Sample plan of study abroad for a joint Economics and Management major

A complete list of possible locations for a semester of study abroad, as well as additional information on finacial issues, travel hints, and policies, can be found at the Purdue's Study Abroad website.  Deadlines for applications are March 1st for the fall semester, September 15th for the spring semester.  Apply online here.

Below we provide some specific examples of study abroad options. Most of these options are simple exchange programs, which means that Purdue students pay their regular tuition (in-state students pay in-state tuition and non-residents pay out-of-state tuition), Most scholarships/loans can be applied to cover these educational costs.  The schools listed below are ones that have been recently identified as having openings for Purdue exchange students.

Australia – University of New South Wales or University of Western Australia

China – Tsinghua

Denmark – Copenhagen Business School

England (UK) - IES London or Lancaster

France – Novancia

Italy – Universita Bocconi

Korea – Yonsei

New Zealand – University of Canterbury

Sweden – Uppsala (Fall program)