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Greetings from the Krannert School Alumni Association (KSAA)!

As members of the KSAA Board, we pride ourselves in being ambassadors of Purdue University in general, and the Krannert School in particular, and all that these institutions stand for.  We contribute our time and our talents to support the mission of the school to enable the personal and professional development of our students through engagement and interaction, and to support the faculty and staff of the Krannert School.  It is in and through these interactions that we, as a Board seek to inspire the lives of our students, future alums and you!

 As President of KSAA, I encourage you to maintain your connections to the Krannert School; engage with our vibrant and dynamic community.  KSAA and its members are here to serve as a resource for students and alumni, to help develop strong connections and build lasting relationships that extend beyond Krannert's hallowed walls.  Whether you are interested in applying to be a full member of the KSAA Board, or if you have time just for connecting with students on a periodic basis, we welcome your involvement and participation!

I invite you to respond, whether it's questions you may have, or to share with us your interests in becoming involved.  Please feel free to contact us directly via email at KrannertAlumni@purdue.edu.

Hail Purdue!!

Earl R. Major (MS OBHR – 1990)
KSAA Board President