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The Purdue Center for Economic Education offers both formal economics courses and non-credit programs for teachers, employee groups, and other adult audiences; develops new instructional materials and programs; conducts research on the economic literacy of students, teachers, and the general public; and conducts formal evaluation studies of instructional materials and programs

Purdue Center for Economic Education

                                   425 West State Street

                                   West Lafayette,  IN  47907-2056 



We offer economic education training programs for K-12 teachers in Benton, Carroll, Clinton, Fountain, Montgomery, Tippecanoe, White, and Warren Counties.  Contact us to schedule an on-site workshop for your teachers at no cost to your or your staff.




The Purdue Center for Economic Education is the recipient of the 2014 Peter V. Harrington Center of the Year Award.  This distinguished award is given each year to an Indiana Center for Economic Education in recognition of excellence in promoting economic education to teachers, students, and citizens of Indiana. \\


Save the Date! Econ Camp for High School Economics Teachers

Mark your calendars! When the leaves begin to change, you know its time for Econ Camp. In 2014, Econ Camp will be offered at Camp Tecumseh near Brookston, IN on October 14 and 15, 2014. High school teachers of economics come together to network and interact with their peers, get up-to-date economic education training, and share best practices with each other. Thanks to the generous sponsors such as the George and Frances Ball Foundation, Purdue Agricultural Economics, the ICEE has been able to offer this opportunity at no cost to the teachers!

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         Want to learn more about Art & Economics?  Check out these resources:

The Artist as Entrepreneur


Photos from 2013 General Economics Summer Workshop


Crawfish gameValentine ProductionJustin at the Valentine Factory

 Valentine FactoryJill with Valentine

Markets InteractDismal Lake 2013Group UnitsBob's Raffle

Purdue Center for Economic Education.pptx  A PowerPoint describing all of the activities of the Center - history, workshops and conferences conducted world-wide, and affiliations.

Visit our new website: Economics and Art

     A tool for teachers and the public to understand economics through paintings, drawings  and engravings. A growing set of slide shows featuring individual artists including Norman Rockwell, the Brueghels and Diego Rivera, as well as particular economic concepts on "Capital Resources & Technology"; "Leisure & Recreation"; "Economic Functions of Government & Public Choice"; and "Money, Banking, Financial Crises & Bubbles" to name a few, with discussion questions for students at the end of each slide show.

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Poverty and RichesNorman Rockwell self-portraitMoney, Banking, Financial Crises and BubblesLeisure and RecreationDiego RiveraNatural Resources and Agriculture

Capital Reources and TechnologyThe BrueghelsIncome Distribution (Absolute & Relative) and Happiness

 Labor, Occupations, Specialization and the Division of LaborCharles ReiffelMarkets and Exchange

UrbanizationJoseph Mallord William Turner  Economic SystemsThomas Hart BentonEconomic Functions of Government and Public Choice Demographics and Life Cycles Coming Attractions                                                                      

Using Art to Teach Economics.pdf - Journal of Economic Education

New and Enduring Topics and Trends in Economic Education Research, Korean Journal of Economic Education, 19 (1), 2012: 147-80 (in English)

New and Enduring Topics and Trends in Economic Education Research.pptx - PowerPoint

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