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Krannert Graduate School of Management offers four Professional Master's Degrees:

  • The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year, traditional MBA program. Degree candidates must complete a total of 60 credits: 35 core credits and 25 elective credits. Through elective courses, students can choose concentrations or options in functional areas and in interdisciplinary areas such as General Management, Manufacturing/Technology Management and International Management.
  • The Master of Science in Human Resources Management (MSHRM) is a two-year program focusing on human resource management with an increased emphasis on skills in marketing, finance and strategic management.
  • The Master of Science in Industrial Administration (MSIA) allows students with work experience to earn a master's degree in one year.
  • The Master of Science degree (Finance) - MS(F) is a cohort program requiring ten months of intensive study and 40 credit hours of coursework that will enhance and develop students' abilities in critical evaluation, analysis, and problem-solving . The program is designed to position graduates to pursue careers in the finance industry.

International Management Option

In today's global marketplace, general managers working for any company must be sufficiently knowledgeable and skilled to respond to changes in economic and technological environments around the globe. The International Management Option provides future managers with a strategic view of the challenges and opportunities facing corporations, and with the knowledge and skills to deal with such changes. This option can be either the primary specialty of the MBA candidate or can enhance any of the traditional functional option areas.

The International Management Option provides an excellent background for general managerial positions, especially within multinational corporations. A cross-section of public and private sector positions in which this option area is useful includes:

  • Banks, insurance companies, stock brokerage and real estate firms
  • Wholesale and retail sales operations
  • Manufacturing and service corporations
  • State and local government agencies

10 elective hours (usually five two-credit courses)


  • MGMT 59000: International Accounting
  • MGMT 61500: International Financial Management
  • MGMT 64900: Marketing in a Global Economy
  • MGMT 66700: International Operations Management
  • MGMT 68800: Developing a Global Business Strategy
  • MGMT 69000: International Business Law
  • MGMT 69000: International Multidisciplinary Management Projects
  • MGMT 69100: CIBER Global Business Project
  • OBHR 65000: International Human Resource Management  

International Experiential Learning Opportunities (Study Abroad):

  • SA 59100C: Spain (Business Between the EU & South America)
  • SA 59100D: France (International Marketing Dealing with Cultural Diversity)
  • SA 59100V: China (Doing Business in China)
  • SA 59004: India (International Internship)

Other Recommended Courses and Activities:

  • International Internship Experience
  • International Entrepreneurship Program
  • Foreign Language and/or Culture courses
  • CIBER and Technology Transfer Projects

 Student Clubs

Krannert International Business Club

Krannert Hispanic Student Business Association