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2013 GSCMI Case Competition: Agenda (April 18)


Registration: Team and Judges Sign-In (Rawls Hall 3rd Floor Commons)


Opening Remark: Dr. J. George Shanthikumar, Director of DCMME & GSCMI
(Rawls Hall 3 Floor Commons)
Round 1
Undergraduate RAWLS 3091 RAWLS 3093 RAWLS 3095
Judges Craig Andrews, Mark Burton*, Matt Dobin Lorne Day*, Steven Mullins, Anthony Thompson Frank Fisher*, Mike Haburne, Willimam Muzzillo
3:20pm-3:40pm OSCO 2 SASE 1 Group 10
3:40pm-4:00pm SASE 3 Group 9 Ambassadors
4:00pm-4:20pm SASE 2 OSCO 1 Group 12
4:20pm-4:40pm Group 11 DSP
Graduate RAWLS 3097 RAWLS 3098A RAWLS 4009
Judges Chad Cannaday*,
 Scott P. Orr
Lia Z. Douglas*, Allan Outlaw Stanley Upton, Andy Woehler*
3:20pm-3:40pm Buffalo Consulting Kaizen MRAM Consulting LLP
3:40pm-4:00pm Eclipse Consulting Deccan Consulting SAMVYS
4:00pm-4:20pm Krannert Consulting Supply Chain Coup De Main GSCMI Warriors
4:20pm-4:40pm UNSHY Boilerup Consulting Asia-Pacific Consulting
4:45pm-5:00pm Photo Session (Rawls Hall 3rd Floor Commons)
5:00pm-5:10pm Message from Krannert: Associate Dean, Dr. A. Charlene Sullivan
5:10pm-5:25pm Announcing 1st Round Result (Rawls Hall 3rd Floor Commons)
5:25pm-6:20pm Networking (Rawls Hall 3 Floor Commons Area)
Round 2
  Undergrad (RAWLS 2077) Graduate(RAWLS 1011)
Judges Craig Andrews, Mark Burton, Lorne Day, Matt Dobin, Frank Fisher, Mike Haburne, Steven Mullins, Willimam Muzzillo, Anthony Thompson Chad Cannaday, Lia Z. Douglas, Scott P. Orr, Allan Outlaw, Stanley Upton, Andy Woehler
6:20pm-6:40pm Team Presentation Team Presentation
6:40pm-7:00pm Team Presentation Team Presentation
7:00pm-7:20pm Team Presentation Team Presentation
7:20pm-7:30pm Judge Panel Discussion
Winners will be announced on April 19th at GSCMI Conference