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Move It! Episode 4

In this episode, we travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, to visit the distribution center for UNICEF, the United Nations children's agency that provides hope to the world. The highly automated facility can speed relief and development supplies to anywhere on the globe where it is needed most.

New Era is the official hat supplier of Major League Baseball. When the company recently won the contract for the National Football League, it realized it would have to completely change the way it distributed products to the leagues, stadiums, and retail stores that carry team equipment. We'll see what was done at the company's distribution center in Harrisburg, Pa., to enable it to keep up as volume more than doubled.

BHFO is eBay's largest fashion retailer. This online company was faced with growth and a need to handle a wide variety of merchandise quickly and accurately. The retailer installed a large goods-to-person system in its Cedar Rapids, Iowa, facility that relies on small robots called iBOTs to bring products to workers for processing.

Many companies turn to third parties to handle their online order fulfillment for them. One such third party is Dotcom Distribution. At its Edison, N.J., distribution facility, Dotcom relies on advanced voice-directed technology to make sure that orders are completed accurately.

And our final segment takes us to Schierling, Germany, to visit Labertaler, one of the leading beverage companies in Germany and one that's known in particular for its mineral water and flavored waters. Sophisticated technologies ensure that water flows through its distribution center with ease.