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LCS Featured Guest Series

Research, Relationships and Real Engagement

Nicholas Umashev, a Purdue Exchange Student from The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia shares a conversation about his Purdue experience with Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, Dr. Charlene Sullivan. Nicholas shares that as a student he easily built relationships with his professors and that he was also empowered to be part of the production to create his education.

Nicholas Umashev Shares:

The student engagement at Purdue is also exceptional: Here I got to partake in a town hall meeting with the Krannert Dean, David Hummels, and Associate Dean, Charlene Sullivan. The purpose of this town hall meeting was to discuss the future of Krannert and how both the students and faculty can create a better Purdue. As David put it, both students and staff are part of the production function for a good University.

The professors are great not just in capacity as teachers but as mentors: My professors have offered their time to discuss career advice and ideas that go beyond the course itself. This personal relationship with professors is something that has made Purdue really stand out to me.

A Purdue highlight was discussing income share agreements with the Purdue CFO Bryan Edelman: Income share agreements are an idea that I am extremely passionate about and the opportunity to network with Bryan was great. Bryan and the Purdue Research Foundation have begun trialing income share agreements for student loans, as the first project of its kind at American Universities.

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