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The 2016 Ciber Case Challenge

a success at the University of Connecticut

Joshua Groh, Xin Wei, Leeane Chen, & Qi Meng successfully participated in the annual case challenge. Working with teams from all over the world, Wei and Groh and their teams placed 1st and 3rd.

CIBER Case Competition

Thursday, Aug. 31 to Friday, Sept. 1

Case Challenge Tryouts (Win a trip to UConn)

Wednesday, Oct. 11-Sunday, Oct. 15

@ UConn

The 2016  2017 CIBER Case Challenge is being held at UConn between October 11th -15th.  At UConn, Krannert undergraduates join teams with domestic and international students from all over the globe. The top four placing students from the CIBER Competition at Krannert win the opportunity to participate and compete in this event. Click here to view program information

Winning Students at the CIBER Case Challenge at the University of Connecticut

2015, Krannert student- Austin Coon, First Place Team

2016, Krannert student- Xin Wei, First Place Team

2016, Krannert student- Josh Groh, Outstanding Responder to Questions

2016 Purdue Participants: Leanne Chen, Joshua Groh, Qi Meng, Xin Wei

2017 Purdue Partcipants:

  • Mateo Menchaca
  • Vidditt Kapur
  • Shadman Khan
  • Alexander Tan