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Krannert Leaders Academy Courses

Spring 2017

OBHR 490 - Research Methods for Undergraduates in Business

This course is the perfect way to get real world experience, make great organizational contacts, and learn the skills that organizations want in the people they hire. The course will focus on teaching students the rudimentary skills needed to understand, design, and execute research in organizational settings.

MGMT 290 - Management Consulting Tools and Skills

Students interested in a career in managerial, technical, or financial consulting should take this course. It will provide students an opportunity to gain exposure to the skills and tools necessary to succeed in the consulting industry.

MGMT 390 - Management and Evaluation of Ethical Projects

This course will provide an opportunity for outstanding Krannert students to gain exposure to system's thinking ideology, ethical business practices, and team building skills. These tools will be utilized to accomplish a socially responsible project using PMI project management best practices.

MGMT 288 - Introduction to Programming

Business students should be familiarizing themselves with both technology and technique (programming and data analysis) to better perform in business. This course will provide students with an introduction to a programming language that can be used to leverage their foray into data analysis for any major.

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