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Krannert Professional Development Center

Krannert Professional Development Center for Alumni

Krannert Professional Development Center (KPDC) values its long-term relationships with Alumni. Whether you are planning a career switch, currently in the process of a career switch, or looking to connect with current students and Alumni, KPDC has a wide range of resources to assist you.

Career Assistance

The continued success of Krannert Alumni is a priority at KPDC. We have developed multiple resources that are available for Alumni to utilize when making career decisions. These resources include:

One-on-one Advising

Alumni have access to individual career advising with KPDC career professionals. Appointments can be held in person, by phone, or in a virtual setting.

Career Management Account (CMA)

The CMA is an online portal available to Alumni that serves as a primary communication tool for Krannert Professional Development Center in addition to hosting a wide variety of career resources.


If your are in the West Lafayette area, KPDC provides workshops available to Alumni throughout the year. Workshops are announced in the CMA portal.


KPDC  strives to continually connect students, Alumni, and faculty. There are various ways for Alumni to get connected such as attending Krannert special events, serving as a guest mentor, working with various Krannert clubs, or through sponsorship. Please visit our outreach opportunities page to further explore these opportunities.


Krannert is developing top-quality students from throughout the world. If you or your organization is looking to recruit current Krannert students please visit our recruiting page.