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Krannert Professional Development Center

On Campus Recruiting

Master's Job Fair


Krannert has a Master's job fair every Fall of the academic year. Our job fair consists of an information session the evening before the job fair, the actual fair, and interview sessions afterwards. You will have access to highly qualified Master's students who a looking for internships as well as full time positions. Please log into your Career Management Account (CMA) or contact GCS for more information.

On-Campus Interviews

GCS provides quiet and comfortable private rooms for organizations to conduct their interviews. You can schedule and reserve interview rooms through your CMA account.

Employer Information Sessions

Companies are welcomed to promote their business on-campus and there are multiple ways of doing so. Information sessions are effective ways of communicating your company's information to an interested audience. Hosting social events and coffee hour are great ways to increase company awareness amongst students. You can schedule all these activities through your CMA account.

Resume Collections & Job Postings

Post your available job positions and collect resume all electronically through your CMA. Once the listing is posted, our system will automatically contact candidates who are eligible for the position. Resumes, cover letters, and other necessary documents can be requested and gathered through our system. Log in now to get started.