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Dean's Office

Message from Dean Earley about GISMA Business School

Dear Krannert and Purdue Community-

We were very saddened to hear that earlier this week our partner school in Germany, GISMA, filed for bankruptcy.  Although we still haven’t received an official communication from GISMA itself about this situation, we are aware that it has sent an email to the public to announce it has come to this situation because of financial difficulties.  While this is disappointing news, it isn’t altogether a surprise, as GISMA has faced an increasingly challenging financial environment over the past several years.  Throughout this period, Purdue has remained steadfast in its support of GISMA and has offered various measures to help it through these difficulties.  However, GISMA’s limited success in attracting students and its internal struggles with turnover in its own organization have made a problematic fiscal situation even more difficult.

Purdue and Krannert remain committed to those students who are completing a Purdue degree as well as those students already admitted to the program.  We are very proud of those students who have gone through GISMA and attained a degree from Purdue University, and we look forward to maintaining a close relationship with them as our alumni. 


Chris Earley

Dean, Krannert School of Management at Purdue University