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What to Expect

During your first 6 weeks at Krannert, you will register for career services and receive an orientation to on-campus recruiting and other placement processes. Most of your job search education occurs during this period, including a series of seminars in early September conducted by nationally recognized experts.

You will prepare a one-page resume in MS Word format, in time for Krannert's MBA Job Fair. This event occurs on or about the first Friday of October each year and is the kickoff event for the recruiting season. Placement events give you a good overview of other helpful offerings and the flow of the recruiting season.

All Students

Krannert students are eligible to receive career services, if needed, through mid-August following graduation. Students in two-year programs may participate in one internship recruiting season and one permanent placement recruiting season. Students in one-year programs may participate in one permanent placement recruiting season.

Graduate Career Services works with recruiters from many competitive employers. If you have specific career interests that extend beyond the recruitment efforts at GCS, we can help guide your search.

International Students

We are pleased with our placement results for international students. The hard work of our international students, and our efforts to develop international resources, have contributed to this success. However, please be aware of these realistic facts about international placement:

While the number of companies interviewing international students at Krannert has been expanding, comparing very favorably with other schools, many U.S. companies do not interview international students. We encourage recruiters to interview international students, but we do not pressure them to do so and we do not suggest that they attempt to circumvent U.S. immigration and employment laws.

We expect all Krannert students to conduct a self-directed job search to enhance their placement prospects. This is critical for international students. International students typically need to spend more time on self-directed search than their U.S. counterparts.

For Company-sponsored Students

If you are being sponsored by your employer to attend Krannert, you are eligible for career services only if your employer agrees. We hope that you have executed our letter of agreement with your employer before arriving at Krannert. Please note that if you are not eligible for permanent placement services, you may not use on-campus recruiting to compete for an internship. Our letter to your employer reads as follows:

"One of your employees is being sponsored by your company to attend the Krannert Graduate School of Management. Normally, we do not provide placement services to sponsored employees because we know that the company is making a significant investment in that person.

However, if you agree that it is acceptable for your employee to consider other permanent employment options upon graduation, we will permit registration for full placement services, which includes interviewing with other companies. Please note that this decision is between you and your employee, and that we are in no way encouraging your employee to use our services.