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Prospective Students

We are focused on students in the Professional Masters degree programs: the Master of Business Administration (MBA), MS (Finance) - MS(F), MS in Industrial Administration (MSIA), and MS in Human Resources Management (MSHRM). Our experienced staff is committed to helping you secure one or more job offers for an internship or permanent job placement. Each season, we prioritize our services according to what is most likely to help all students achieve this.


Our mission is to assist students in helping themselves secure rewarding internship and full-time placement opportunities. We maintain private, comfortable interview suites; computers with Intranet and Internet access; resume production equipment; telephones for free job search calls; and a current library of online and directory resources.

We provide extensive career counseling and resume preparation services.

Additionally, KPDC keeps extensive placement statistics on all of our graduates.

On-campus Recruiting

The on-campus recruiting season begins immediately after the Krannert MBA Job Fair. Most companies seeking permanent employees recruit in October, November and early December. Internship recruiting generally begins in October and continues through early March.

Before and during the recruiting season, we aggressively market students with a series of general and specialty resume books and, more importantly, through web resumes required of all job-seeking students. We also collect resumes from students interested in certain companies that do not recruit at Krannert. These resumes are forwarded to potential recruiters to demonstrate the strength of Krannert students.

Company representatives usually select the students they wish to interview on campus. They do this by reviewing resume books, web resumes, resumes collected at company presentations and job fairs, and resumes sent directly to the company by interested students. It is very important that you prepare thoughtful, flawless resumes.

Comprehensive Job Search

We think that the best approach to a job search is to develop the mind set that you are conducting a comprehensive search. On-campus recruiting will be a primary resource, but you should not overlook the many opportunities that exist outside of Krannert Professional Development Center, Depending on your company, industry, and geographic interests, a comprehensive search is essential.

We teach the strategy and mechanics of comprehensive searching so that you may pursue additional opportunities. In a strong economy, about 20% of the class accepts a job found through personal efforts. When the economy is weak, that figure may double. The comprehensive search is important while you are at Krannert, and it’s a skill you will likely use later in your career.


Information about our activities and opportunities are communicated primarily via e-mail and this web site. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the web site before you arrive at Krannert. After you arrive, you will receive a Krannert e-mail account and, if you are a job-seeking student, you will be placed on the career services e-mail distribution list.

If you have personal needs, our staff does a lot of one-on-one communicating. Collectively, we have over 50 years of business experience. We are happy to discuss job search strategies, interviewing strategies, salary negotiations, and other problems and opportunities you may face.


Surely you have expectations for what your degree will do for you, and how Krannert Professional Development Center can help you in your job search. At the same time, we have expectations of our students. Please take a moment to review some of these expectations.