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Executive Admissions

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For more guidance on completing your application, please read on.

What We Look For & What We Need

Krannert Executive Education Programs strives to enroll a diverse group of students with a variety of skills, backgrounds and expertise.

To succeed in this mission, the admissions committee undertakes a holistic admission review process, considering many different elements. Our review of your application begins with an emphasis on the following factors:
• Personal goals for enrolling in the program;
• Quality and length of work experience;
• Management and leadership experience;
• Record of prior academic achievement and professional training; and
• Ability to engage with peers in the classroom.

These factors help us determine your ability to undertake the challenges of an EMBA program. Just as important, we look at your ability to contribute to the program and Krannert's ability to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

For that reason, we require:
• Two professional recommendations;
• Essays;
• Official transcripts, and, in some instances, also a copy of your diploma;
• Current professional resume; and
• In-person or virtual interview.

Assistance for Evaluating Your Application

We understand that applying to an Executive MBA program requires a great deal of time, effort, and commitment.

To help you in the process, we are open to reviewing your resume to determine if you meet the minimum requirements for the program. A positive evaluation does not bypass the formal admissions process nor is it a guarantee of admission. It is simply our offer to help you understand how your qualifications meet with our program requirements.

If you would like such assistance, please email your resume to Associate Director of Admissions Nancy Smigiel at

Also, view our helpful video, hosted by , on structuring an effective resume.

Application Deadlines & Fee Waivers

Krannert Executive Education Programs admits qualified applicants on a rolling basis.

Applications are reviewed as soon as they are submitted and all required application materials are received. The admissions committee can render an admission decision only after receiving all required materials. Krannert and Purdue University require that all transcripts, documents, and supporting materials be fully authentic and therefore we reserve the right to require verification.

Within one week of submitting your materials, you will be contacted for an interview. Within 10 days of the interview, the admissions committee will communicate its decision.

  • The application deadline for the Executive MBA Class of 2019 is July 15, 2017, or until the class is filled. Special scholarship consideration and an application fee waiver is given to those who apply by May 31, 2017.
  • The application deadline for the IMM Global MBA Class of 2019 is January 31, 2018, or until the class is filled. Special scholarship consideration and an application fee waiver is given to those who apply by December 15, 2017.

Your application package includes a $60 fee for domestic applicants and a $75 fee for international applicants. 

Our application fee is waived for:

  • U.S. veterans and active duty personnel
  • Those who travel to campus to attend a Purdue EMBA Experience open house
  • Employees of a not-for-profit organization
  • Those who submit their application by a specific date. For the incoming EMBA cohort, that date is May 31, 2017. For the incoming IMM cohort, that date is December 15, 2017.

Contact Associate Director of Admissions Nancy Smigiel at 765-494-4580 or for more information on application fee waivers.

To apply for admission to our executive MBA programs, you need the following:

Completed Online Application

All sections of the Purdue Graduate School online application must be completed. Find helpful application instructions here.

Two Recommendations

We prefer that recommenders be employers who are able to render an opinion on the basis of close, current, and sustained observation. At least one of your letters should be from your direct supervisor. Recommendations from friends, family members, acquaintances, and other sources unable to evaluate professional or academic qualifications for MBA study are not acceptable. We require your recommenders to submit the recommendations online (instructions to do so are provided within the online application).

Academic Transcripts

Please use the Academic Request Form (available for download within the online application; make copies as needed) to request an official, attested transcript from each of the colleges and universities you have attended.

Transcripts in a signed, sealed envelope from the issuing institution should be mailed to Nancy Smigiel, Executive MBA Programs, Krannert Center, 425 W. State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2056. We will also accept electronic transcripts if your university has electronic submission capabilities. These transcripts should be emailed from your university to


We interview all applicants, either virtually or in person, to ensure a good fit with our program.


While the GMAT is a requirement for admission, our Admissions committee will waive the requirement for prospective students with substantial work experience or prior graduate education. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. A GMAT waiver can be determined by simply submitting your resume for review.

To request additional information about our EMBA programs or to request a GMAT or English language proficiency wavier, please contact Associate Director of Admissions Nancy Smigiel at