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Executive MBA

The EMBA program at Purdue has provided educational solutions for working professionals for more than 30 years -- Purdue's first EMBA class enrolled in 1983. The program features top Krannert faculty and speakers renowned for their expertise. It is consistently ranked among the top programs in the world. 

You can complete your EMBA degree while remaining employed full-time and attend in-person classes just one to two weeks per quarter. It’s a format that gives you the best of both worlds – online convenience and the power of enhanced learning and networking with other professionals from across the U.S. and world.

Focusing on the educational needs of high-potential, talented managers and managers-to-be, the EMBA program:
  • Concentrates class time into six residencies of one or two weeks, five of them at Purdue and one at an international location, scheduled over a 19-month period;

  • Offers fewer distractions, less travel thereby minimizing interference with the participants' ongoing job-related travel demands and better knowledge retention than alternating weekend or evening programs;

  • Facilitates career changes by accommodating job relocations required of the participants during the program;

  • Draws participants from all parts of the United States and Europe, as well as from Canada, Latin America, Africa and Asia, providing rich opportunities for learning from others;

  • Employs a team-based experience and the opportunity to learn how to build strong working relationships among diverse team members;

  • Is consistently ranked among the top executive MBA programs in the world by BusinessWeek, U.S.News & World Report, and Financial Times, making it a top choice for working professionals;

  • Provides coursework and projects immediately applicable to on-the-job managerial situations; and

  • Features an international residency to enhance comprehension of the global competitive environment of business.