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Prospective Students

Purdue University is the cradle from which innovators have been nurtured, nourished and inspired. You could add your chapter to our story that already includes Super Bowl MVPs, Nobel Prize winners and the first man on the moon.

Drew Brees, Ei-ichi Negishi and Neil Armstrong lived their dreams. You can too.

Your degree from Purdue is a statement of strength, leadership and imagination. Discovery and innovation are not just words but attitudes and actions. Our facilities, programs and faculty are world-class. These are the tools that you can use to make your mark on the world.

This is the moment. Make your dreams come true.

We’ll help.

Typically High School students

Master’s Students
You have already earned a bachelor’s degree and want to attend full-time

Executive Education
You have been in the workplace for years and want to earn your MBA while maintaining employment

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
You typically have a bachelor’s and a master’s and want to work in education and/or research



Non-Degree, Sponsored and Custom Programs

Custom training and education programs for corporations, training (non-degree) programs for individuals. Check the sidebar on this page for more information.