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The academic program is done in partnership with Tsinghua University. Founded in 1911, it is one of the top two universities in China, with a highly ranked MBA program and joint degree programs with schools including Harvard and MIT. The topics change each year, but are geared towards providing a balanced overview of doing business in China.

Recent topics have included:

  • Personal Experience as a foreigner in China
  • Human Resources Management in China
  • The Chinese Economy: Current Status and Challenges
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate Strategy in China
  • Banking & Capital Markets in China
  • Legal Environment in China
  • Chinese Culture and History
  • Financial Markets in China

Topics are chosen each year based on the availability of expert speakers, current events, and other factors. This allows the program participants to gain the maximum advantage from their participation. The current year’s program, as well as previous year’s programs, can be found in links to right.

While not part of the formal academic program, students are also given the chance to learn about Chinese culture through a series of programs and visits. These include attending a special Peking (Beijing) duck dinner and acrobatics show, tours of the Forbidden City and Summer Palace, and a trip to the Great Wall and the Ming tombs. In addition, students are encouraged to go exploring in their free time and many take advantage of the opportunity to explore the Silk Market, Chinese cuisine, and other areas of personal interest. Many students visited Xi’an, an old capital of Han, Jin, Siu, and Tang dynasties, during the free weekend, where they saw over 7,000 Terra Cotta Warriors buried with the First Emperor of Qin in 210-209 BC. Many went to Shanghai after the program. In addition to sightseeing, they had a reception organized by a group Krannert alumni.