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GISMA Business School


At a Glance...

Location: Hannover, Germany
Program Dates:

Typically Spring or Summer

Program Type: Exchange
Host: GISMA Business School
Eligibility: Krannert Master Students
Course Credits: Varies
Cost: Standard Krannert Tuition plus Airfare and Living Expenses
Language Requirements: English
Application Deadline:
Contact: Andreea Duru or Rahul Barge

GISMA Website

GISMA Business School, Hannover, Germany:

During their time at Purdue, select Master’s students are eligible to spend a module studying abroad in historical and picturesque Hannover, Germany.  Students find the optimal time to take advantage of this exclusive, extraordinary opportunity is throughout the spring or summer semesters.

Educational requirements remain the same while in Germany, covering the same set of core courses offered here at Purdue. However, your required courses will be complimented by various electives taught by international faculty. These courses are an incredible opportunity to broaden your global perspective and acquire hands-on experience conducting international business.

Time spent in Germany is certainly not relegated solely to the classroom, however, as many students make the most of this prolonged opportunity to travel to other countries inside the EU. Hannover’s central location makes excursions to cities elsewhere in Germany easily manageable. Other destinations in Europe, too, are readily accessible, providing students copious opportunities to expand their cultural and professional horizons.

Furthermore, we’re pleased to announce there are no additional educational costs to study abroad in Hanover – the tuition paid to Purdue covers your tuition at GISMA Business School.  Many students arrange apartment swaps with GISMA Business School students coming to the West Lafayette campus to help offset their living expenses. Often, students are ultimately left responsible for just living and travelling expenses. Company visits, GISMA Business School student-led cultural events, and the experience of living and studying in Europe’s largest economy are just some of the reasons to take advantage of this sought-after global experience.