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CIBER Global Business Project (GBP)


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Location: Brazil, China, India, Japan (May vary from year to year)
Program Dates: Spring Semester
Program Type: Consulting Project
Host: Varies by Country
Eligibility: Krannert Master Students
Course Credits: 3 credit hours (Letter Grade)
Cost: $1500 (excluding airfare to Washington DC & Destination Country) + $38 Insurance (Costs subject to change.)
Language Requirements: English (Students are required to study the language of the destination country prior to departure.)
Application Deadline: TBD for 2013
Contact: Greg Cutchin or Roger Stewart
Global Business Project Webpage

The Global Business Project (GBP) is a unique graduate-level course for MBAs and other graduate students.   The course increases global business competency and language skills through guided hands-on business consulting experience.  Krannert students work on international business projects in teams of students from 14 major universities.  Each project includes an in-country two week residency with a requirement to develop at least a minimal level of foreign language proficiency. For more information or questions, contact