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Doing Business in China

Information is expected in December about the 2013 Masters China trip.

By almost any measure, China is a powerhouse in the global marketplace. Its economy, and purchasing power, are ranked second in the world andHandshake its more than 1.3 billion people represent a major market for products and services. Its financial markets are growing, and control a great deal of investment capital as well as property and bonds.

China’s people also provide another resource for international business: There is a large pool of reasonably priced unskilled and skilled labor. When one also adds in resources, costs of transportation, and other considerations, it is no surprise that a growing number of companies are choosing to produce goods in China.

From culture to the legal environment, quality management to technology transfer, businesses wanting to work in China need to be prepared to deal with a variety of challenges. Learning the downsides, much less doing due diligence on them, can be a major challenge of its own for business.

Recognizing the importance of China for global business, and the need to prepare students totake on development and implementation of China strategies, the Krannert School of Management created a special study abroad program. Done in conjunction with Tsinghua University in Beijing, the program covers the full range of economic, business, social, and culture topics in China.

Instruction is in English, and includes classroom lectures, plant visits, and full immersion into Chinese culture. Lodging is provided at the Uniscenter Hotel, located within easy walking distance of classes at Tsinghua University. In addition to individual exploration, students will be provided tours of the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace, and the Forbidden City and provided the opportunity to enjoy Peking Duck, and an acrobat show, and a farewell dinner.