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Strategies in Italian Entrepreneurship

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Location: Rome, Italy
Program Dates: March 10-16, 2013
Host: LUISS Business School
Eligibility: Krannert Master Students
Course Credits: 1 credit hour (P/NP)
Cost: $1625 (excluding airfare) + $38 Insurance (provided by Purdue) = $1663 Total
Language Requirements: English
Application Deadline: December 7, 2012
Contact: John Lewandowski or Rahul Barge
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If you have ever wanted to travel to a city steeped in history, then Rome should certainly satisfy that need. Not only is Rome known for its breathtaking art, ancient temples, and quaint piazza’s, it is also known for its history of entrepreneurship.

The fast pace of Roman life equals that of all other major international cities and during the Krannert week in Italy, we place you right in the heart of it all. Start every morning from the hotel in the heart of Rome, enjoying your morning coffee and pastry steps from the Camp di Fiori. Then it’s on to LUISS Business School and into the hectic Roman morning rush hour we charge. Speeding past the rows of storefronts touting names such as Fendi, Bvlgari and Zara, you arrive at the architecturally stunning LUISS Guido Carli campus.

In the summer of 2010, Krannert entered into a partnership with LUISS Business School, in an effort to offer another international experience for our students during the Global Week/Spring Break. The Krannert study abroad course offers our students a 16-hour course on the specific topic of strategies in Italian Entrepreneurship. Topics covered during these classes include the new Business Generation in Italy (and more generally, in Europe), a description of the Italian scenario concerning some of the main Italian industries such as the Luxury Goods, Fashion, Aerospace and Tourism with a focus on managing business in Italy with a multicultural analysis.

Company lectures and visits include an entire day devoted to luxury and fashion with the CEO of Bvlgari SpA, Alberto Festa. Insight and strategy are followed by a visit to the Bvlgari boutiques on the Via del Corso.

Cultural activities organized during the week include a guided walking tour of the old city, guided the Galleria Borghese, and a weekly metro pass. We also include an optional tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel on the last day or your stay in Rome. Evenings in Rome are free to do whatever your heart and soul desire.

Take a walk to the Trevi Fountain and launch a coin over your shoulder, guaranteeing your return to this wondrous city. Walk the ruins of the Coliseum; it’s a much more memorable experience after dark. Then it’s dinner and a glass of wine while you upload the day’s pictures on Facebook. Grab a gelato on the way back to the hotel. Walking the cobblestoned streets past the open air cafes, past the statues and buildings, some that date back to antiquity, we are sure that you will consider your week in Rome one of the most memorable in your MBA experience.