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Krannert MBA and Master's Program Team


Meet Our Team  


Peggy BlessingPeggy Blessing, Office Manager
Peggy's primary responsibility is to manage and coordinate the Master's Programs office. She is often the first point of contact for students and handles student requests for both student services and admissions. Peggy enjoys traveling, water skiing, camping, gardening and spending time with her pets and family.



Tad Brinkerhoff Tad Brinkerhoff, Director, MBA and Master's Programs
Tad oversees all aspects of the six Master’s Programs and the Full-Time MBA, One-Year MBA for STEM Professionals and Weekend MBA Programs, including the areas of admissions, recruiting, marketing and student services. Tad also collaborates with Deans in regards to strategy and the Krannert Professional Development Center on career-related activities. Tad likes spending time with his five kids, can play the piano and cello and has a wealth of international travel and experiences.


Dan EilenDan Eilen, Assistant Director of Student Services
Dan's primary role is to work directly with MBA and Master's Programs students regarding advising, registration and preparing them for graduation. He also works with the Krannert Mentors program.  Outside of work, Dan enjoys playing golf, rooting for the Indianapolis Colts, watching college basketball and taking his two chocolate labradors to the park.


Stefanie ElliottStefanie Elliott, Assistant Director of Admissions
Stefanie provides important data and reports for the Master's Office and processes applications. Stefanie is an avid Purdue fan (Boiler Up!). When she isn't in the Master's Programs office, Stefanie likes to play golf, read, spend time with family and participate in church activities.


Amy HamiltonAmy Hamilton, Graduate Admissions Coordinator
Amy processes applications for the Master's Programs Office. She provides information to prospective students and assists students with filling out the application and scholarship information. She also assists with admissions decisions. In her free time Amy likes to shop, garden and spend time with family and friends.


Jill Lynn STEM

Jill Lynn, Associate Program Director, One-Year MBA for STEM Professionals
Jill is responsible for all aspects of the One-Year MBA for STEM Professionals program including marketing, recruiting and advising of students.  As the program manager, she will guide students from enrollment to graduation.  Jill enjoys spending time with her son and daughter, two cats and traveling around the world.   


Allene Manning Student ServicesAllene Manning, Associate Director of Student Services
Allene is a double Boilermaker with bachelor and master degrees from Purdue in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  She uses her problem-solving background to manage the Graduate Assistantship program, advise the Krannert Graduate Student Association (KGSA) and advise and train students who are submitting their Electric Plan of Study.  In her spare time, Allene enjoys swimming, playing/watching tennis, teaching and gabbing on the phone with her twin sister, Arlene.

Shelloy MasonShelloy Mason, Recruiting Events Coordinator
Shelloy works to coordinate interviews for prospective students and handles logistics for recruiting events. She also works as part of the Admissions Committee to process incoming applications and selects students for admission. Shelloy enjoys spending time with family and friends and is an active member of her church.


Judy RifeJudy Rife, Administrative Assistant
Judy is a staff member whom students seek out when they have any questions or problems. Judy serves as a valuable resource for students and can direct them around campus for support. She works with advising and registration. Judy loves shopping, trying new food, church activities and spending time with her family.


Lindsay RobertsLindsay Roberts, Weekend MBA Program Manager
Lindsay is responsible for the logistical aspects of the Weekend MBA Program. She concentrates on the student's overall experience while on and off campus to ensure success. She assists with coordination with faculty on the program and also recruitment. Lindsay enjoys hand-crafting gifts and home decor, watching sports with her husband and chasing her three children.


Don RoushDon Roush, Associate Director of Weekend MBA
Don's mission is to market, recruit and assist with admissions for the Weekend MBA Program. He is also responsible for strategic development and coordination with faculty, student services and with Master's Program office. Don enjoys outdoors activities such as hiking and enjoys reading and spending time with his family.


Susan SaberniakSusan Saberniak, Assistant Director of Recruitment - (MBA)
Susan is the program manager for the Purdue MBA.  Her efforts focus on attracting the best and brightest students to the West Lafayette campus.  Susan also directs the Krannert Board Fellows Program.   When Susan is not focused on recruiting students to her alma mater, she likes to work on art projects, crafts, sewing, gardening and travel.


Andrae Sailes Andrae´ Sailes, Associate Director of Admissions
Andrae´ leads the Admissions team and is charged with ensuring accurate information for all incoming and current Master's Programs students. He also leads the Admissions Committee and provides an initial review of all applications. Andrae´ enjoys cooking and is always experimenting with new dishes. He also likes to spend time with his family.


Jonathan SchrammJonathan Schramm, Associate Director of Recruiting - (Master of Science in Finance)
Jonathan's duties center on the marketing, recruitment and advising of Master of Science with a concentration in Finance (MS(F)) students.  As the MS(F) program manager, he is passionate about students having a great Purdue experience.  Jonathan oversees the Businesss English Bootcamp (BEB), Business English Cultural Bootcamp (BECB) and Reutlingen University Exchance Program.  Jonathan also enjoys traveling for fun and skeet shooting in his spare time.


Jodi SilottoJodi Silotto, Associate Director of Marketing
Jodi leads efforts in marketing for the MBA and Master's Programs. This includes electronic media/email, print, social media, video and the Krannert Master's Programs web site. Jodi enjoys watching any Purdue sporting event, hiking, exercising and being outdoors.


Emily WarterEmily Warter, Assistant Director of Recruitment - (Master of Science in Human Resource Management)
Emily is responsible for all aspects of marketing, recruitment and advising for the Master of Science with a concentration in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) program.  As the MSHRM program manager, she works hard at helping students achieve career goals.  Emily also coordinates Krannert's Orientation Programs, including Krannert Launch.  Emily likes to spend summer out on the lake with family and friends and enjoys playing with her two dogs. She is life-long fan Purdue fan!