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Business English and Cultural Bootcamp Faculty

Margaret S. Morris Business English Bootcamp FacultyMaragaret Morris, PhD
Business English Bootcamp
Business English and Cultural Bootcamp

Margaret S. Morris, PhD, holds a doctorate in English Rhetoric and Composition from Purdue University and she is the director of The Language Co-op™, a West Lafayette business that specializes in personalized tutoring of international students and community visitors. Margaret has taught internationals from Africa, China, Colombia, Denmark, India, Iraq, Iran, Japan, and Korea adapt to life in the U.S. and to master English—the American version. With experience in journalism, marketing communications, publishing, print media, entrepreneurship, and academic discourse, Margaret is at ease with all aspects of communication: written, oral, audiovisual, rhetorical, and interpersonal. She blogs, edits, consults, designs, loves textile arts, paints, and lives a happily comfortable life with her engineering professor husband, Eric, his cat, Boo, and her rambunctious dog, Friday. She welcomes Krannert School Business English Bootcamp students and wishes everyone a great learning experience! Let the immersion begin… !