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Krannert Combined Degree Program (MBA)

Students Studying in Krannert Parrish Library

The Krannert combined degree program allows advanced management students to earn both a B.S. degree and an MBA with only five years of study. Qualified Purdue students in the Krannert School of Management will take three years of undergraduate coursework and two years of graduate classes. The graduate studies satisfy the remainder of the undergraduate requirements as well as the requirements for the MBA.

The Combined Degree Program is very challenging, but also profoundly rewarding. It opens up a number of other opportunities for advancement, from study abroad programs to leadership forums.

Requirements to apply to the program

1) Minimum 3.70 GPA

2) Strong leadership and internship experience prior to the start of the program

3) Complete a minimum of 94 credit hours by end of junior year

4) Interested students who meet requirements should discuss the program with their academic advisor and Beth Burnett, Director of Undergraduate Programs to discuss their application during the fall semester of their junior year.

5) Complete all of the following courses:

  • Science and Liberal Arts courses including ENGL 420
  • International electives
  • World history electives
  • Fine arts electives
  • Literature electives
  • Non-School of Management minor courses
  • All Concentration Courses

Management Students – MGMT 305, 306, 310, 324, 354, and OBHR 428 (courses depend on program of study requirements)

Accounting Students – MGMT 305, 306, 310, 324, 350, 351, 354, 503, 504, 505, and 506, OBHR 428. At least two of the following course must be completed prior to beginning the MBA program coursework: MGMT 503, 504, 505, 506. One of these courses may be used in the first semester of the MBA program to replace MGMT 600. Ideally students will have completed three of the required MGMT 503, 504, 505, and 506 so that they can participate fully in MGMT 600 and the total first-year MBA experience.

Industrial Management Students - All Industrial Management required concentration courses and MGMT 305, 306, 310, 324, 354, and OBHR 428

* The GMAT is not required for The Combined Degree program.

** Courses from requirement (5) must be completed by the end of the 4th year. The first year of the MBA program is particularly busy and we encourage you to complete the courses by the end of your junior year.

Admission is competitive and is not guaranteed.

The following courses can be replaced by courses in the MBA program

  • MGMT 451 Strategic Management
  • MGMT 382 Management Information Systems
  • MGMT 361 Operations Management
  • OBHR 330 Organizational Behavior
  • ECON 419 Managerial Economics

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Krannert Combined Degree Fact Sheet