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Krannert-Studnet-OutsideThe combined Electrical Engineering (BSEE) and MBA program is a partnership between Purdue's College of Engineering and the Krannert School of Management.The program allows highly competitive, qualified BSEE students to complete their B.S. and MBA degrees in five years. Each year, a significant number of engineering graduates pursue an MBA degree at U.S. business schools. The MBA is seen as a complement to the engineer's technical education, giving him/her an understanding of the business context within which many technical decisions are made. Many employers have a strong preference for hiring MBAs with engineering backgrounds, particularly in the manufacturing and technology sectors (in which Krannert and the College of Engineering enjoy many longstanding relationships with leading employers). The BSEE\MBA combined degree will provide top BSEE students an efficient and cost-effective path for developing management knowledge, as well as the highly valued credential of an MBA degree. It will also open new job opportunities for graduates which expedite their progression to high level management positions.

Requirements to apply to the BSEE/MBA Combined Degree Program

  • Completion of 112 credit hours of coursework (including AP, credit by exam, and transfer credit) by the end of the junior year, including the required major courses identified in their plan of study
  • Minimum 3.7 GPA (3.5 GPA with strong leadership and internship experience will be considered)
  • Completion of at least one professional internship
  • Demonstration of leadership potential through extra-curricular activities
  • Discussion of program with Jeff Gray, Associate Professor ECE
Students are also required to schedule a meeting with the Purdue MBA and MS Programs Admission Office to determine their readiness to enter master-level coursework and review credit hour requirements. After these meetings, students will be counseled by staff with recommendations about the potential viability of their application. Students who are encouraged to apply will complete the Graduate School application in early spring of their junior year. BSEE students entering the MBA program will be required to take 60 credit hours of master’s level courses once they enter the MBA program; any master’s level courses completed prior to their enrollment in the MBA program cannot be used to meet requirements of the MBA.