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Economics Combined BS and MS Degrees

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For current Purdue undergraduate students in a STEM discipline, the MS in Economics degree program offers a combined-degree option. The combined degree program allows undergraduate students in Engineering (AAE, CE, ChE, ECE, IE, or ME), in Mathematics, or in Statistics to not only complete their undergradute degree but also make progress toward the completion of the MS degree in Economics while at Purdue. This path can be particularly attractive to Purdue STEM majors who already have plans to obtain a Minor in Economics as undergraduate students.

The Advantages of the Combined Degree

The value to pursuing this combined-degree program is that it allows a student to count 9 graduate credit hours in Economics not only toward fulfilling the total credit requirements for the STEM BS degree and toward fulfilling a minor in Economics (if he or she so chooses), but also toward the 30-credit requirement for the MS degree in Economics. A Purdue STEM undergraduate student, on graduating from Purdue with his or her BS degree (typically with a minor in Economics), will then have the option of completing the remaining 21 credit hours of courses for the Purdue MS degree in Economics while employed by taking online courses over the following two years.

The MS degree in Economics provides STEM students who already possess strong quantitative background with decision-making skills. Success in decision making can be developed by combining the general theoretical framework of Economics with Econometric tools. If one pursues the applied economics/business concentration, additional courses will build on core Economics theory and Econometrics courses by developing specific applications of the analysis in business settings. If one pursues the advanced theory concentration, additional courses will build on the core material by offering more in-depth theoretical modeling skills.

Admission Requirements and Process As an undergraduate, a student considering the combined BS/MS degree should take the following three courses (ECON 51100, ECON 51200, and ECON 56200). Once these three courses are completed, the student can apply for admission into the MS degree program. Students who perform at a sufficiently high level (GPA of B or higher in the three graduate level economics courses and no grade lower than a B-) and who also have an overall Purdue GPA of B or higher at the time of application will be granted admission into the MS degree in Economics Program. Students with an overall Purdue GPA below a B will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis.

To find out more about the Economics combined BS and MS Degree visit the Economics site.

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