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Purdue Master's

Admissions and Requirements

Admissions Deadlines

To graduate with your Masters of Science in Global Entrepreneurship, 36 credit hours are required in total - 12 in the Fall semester, 12 in the Spring semester and 12 in the Summer semester. Application Round 1 (Early Round) is September 17 – December 15. Application Round 2 (Priority Round) is December 16 – March 15. Application Round 3 (Final International Round) is March 16 – July 15. Application Round 4 (Final Domestic Round) is July 16 – August 1, or until classes are full. To find out whether classes are full, please contact the Purdue MBA and MS Programs Admissions Office.

Admissions Requirements

To be eligible for admission to this remarkable program, candidates must send the following information to Andreea Duru, via email at aduru@purdue.edu.

Program Costs

Tuition fee: The tuition is for enrollment beginning in August 2014 in the amount of $43,500. Students will be enrolled in Fall, Spring and Summer semester. Tuition costs per semester: $14,500. Lodging is included in the program fee. Estimated budget per student: Visa costs (France/China) - $200 Insurance (required – approx. $325 per semester) - $650 Laptop (one time cost) - $1,500 Textbooks (estimated costs) - $1,500 Food/Transportation ($450 per month x 12) - $5,400 Travel expenses (France, China, USA) - $6,500 Total (estimated non-tuition costs) - $15,750 Tuition - $43,500 Total Estimated costs - $59,250