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Admissions and Requirements

Fee Rate Structure Per Credit Hour

Students who are accepted into the MS in Global Supply Chain Management program as Purdue Direct Admit students will be charged per credit hour for program costs. MSGSCM students are required to have 30 credit hours to graduate (MSGSCM curriculum).

For residents of Indiana, the program fee at 30 credit hours is $23,778.90 
For non-residents of Indiana, the program fee at 30 credit hours is $45,253.50 

For residents of Indiana, cost per credit is $792.63 per credit hour
For non-residents of Indiana, cost per credit is $1508.45 per credit hour 

*Many of our MSGSCM students choose to take more than the required 30 credit hours.

**The rates above are only for Purdue Direct Admit students, rates do not reflect Purdue partner schools.

***All fees are subject to increase based on approval by the Purdue University Trustees
To apply, please read more information here.

Application Requirements

If you are planning to begin this program on the Purdue University campus you must apply for and start in the spring semester that begins in early January. Apply as soon as possible!

Application Deadlines