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MBA Placement After Graduation

What's Your Industry?

At Purdue, our students literally access a world of possibilities. MBA graduates are placed in the industries and countries wherein they’ll thrive, whether their ideal job is in Chinese communications or sustainable energy in California. Where do you fit in? Krannert’s rigor and reputation carry significant weight with prospective employers. Ranked consistently in the top 50 best schools in the nation for the past decade, it’s easy for us to help Krannert MBA students get their foot in the door. Purdue’s MBA program is designed to make you a valuable asset to your organization, whether you’re joining a start-up or leading a global corporation. Krannert Professional Development Center will provide you an array of services for your short-term and long-term career goals.

Top Ranked Program

Purdue's Krannert School of Management is constantly seeking ways to help students to get their foot in the door. The MBA program is designed to make you a valuable asset to your organization, whether that is a start-up or a global corporation. About 81 percent of students enter the MBA program with some work experience. You will be challenged by an engaging faculty and talented fellow students. Academic success in the MBA program requires a strong undergraduate experience, demonstrated by the rigor of your undergraduate program and your grade point average. You will be part of a global community, learning alongside students from around the country and the world.


Base Salary and Hiring Bonus
(90% of the graduates accepting a job provided usable salary data)
All graduates 90,098 95,000
Hiring Bonus (56% receiving) 16,920 15,000
Permanent Work Authorization 86,491 90,000
Hiring Bonus 15,730 13,500
Less than 1 Year Experience 84,357 84,000
1 to 3 Years Experience 90,692 93,000
3 to 5 Years Experience 89,604 95,950
> 5 Years Experience 95,733 100,000



Finance/Accounting 92,000 97,000
General Management/Strategy 99,980 97,000
Information Technology 68,538 75,000
Marketing/Sales 88,357 100,000
Operations 86,863 87,500


Industry Summary
Consulting 18%
Finance/Accounting 18%
Human Resources 4%
Marketing/Sales 10%
Information Technology 5%
Operations/Logistics 38%
General Management/Strategy 7%

  Careers 2013      


Top 15 Major Employers for 2013
Employers hiring multiple Master of Business Administration graduates. These employers hired 39 MBA Graduates by June 30, 2013.
Air Products & Chemicals General Electric
Amazon General Motors Corporations
A.T. Kearney HSO
Bank of America SC Johnson
Cognizant Shell
Deloitte Procter & Gamble
Dow AgroSciences United Technologies Corporation

The Krannert Professional Development Center is pleased to present these employment results for Krannert's 2-year, residential MBA program. Employment results vary from year to year depending on national, regional, and industry-specific economic conditions, as well as student demographics. These results are for the Class of 2013 only and do not necessarily represent results in other years, past or future. These results were calculated in compliance with the reporting Standards of the MBA Career Services Council.

The Job-Seeking Class is the denominator for employment statistics. This is how we calculate the Job-Seeking Class in accord with the Standards.

Total Graduating MBA Class Less: Students not seeking employment (sponsored, already employed, continuing education, postponed search, starting new business as owner or co-owner) and/or students for whom no information is available. This equals: Job-Seeking Class

Statistics reporting ended September 11, 2013