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Next Steps

 Student Loading Bus at Purdue

Next steps in your transition to business school are key to your living and learning experience in West Lafayette.

Krannert's MBA and Master's Programs staff will continue to update students on information regarding summer onboarding, orientation plans and all important dates/deadlines you will need to start off your experince, full steam aheadStudents should continue to stay connected by checking their email and staying in-touch with our office. 

Below are important next steps to follow: 

Activate your Purdue Career Account

After you receive your admission from Krannert, you will receive two emails from the Purdue Graduate School. The first will contain your username and the second will contain your password. The username and password are needed to access the email admission notification. The admission notification from the Graduate School is two pages long. The second page contains your 10-digit Purdue University Identification (PUID). Within five days of receiving the admission email from the Graduate School, you will receive another email from gradinfo@purdue.edu that contains your initial set-up PIN. Once you receive those, you are ready to activate your career account. Refer to this website for further information.

Accept your Offer and Pay your Deposit

Use your career account username and password to log into myPurdue. You need to activate your career account in order to complete this step. The steps necessary to complete this step are outlined here.  Deposits are non-refundable.

Follow, Like and Friend Us!

Follow, Like and Friend Us! 

Stay engaged and connected to learn more about your new crew.




Find a Home at Purdue

Check out the housing section on the Get to Know Purdue website and learn what current students have to say about housing options in the Housing Survey. Visit the Lafayette/West Lafayette website to learn more about the community.

Registering for Classes

MBA students will be put in placeholder classes by Krannert Master’s staff. This is done for administrative purposes and will trigger your billing statement from the Bursar’s Office. You will register for your first Module classes during Krannert Launch.

MSA, MSF, STEM, and MSHRM students – Your programs have strict academic requirements so the Krannert Master's staff will register you for your first Module classes before you come to campus for orientation. Once this is done, you will receive an email confirming your registration in these classes.

Any questions about registering for courses should be directed to kranmsh@purdue.edu.

Review Funding Opportunities

All applicants to the MBA and Master’s programs are considered for Krannert’s scholarships and/or graduate assistantships during the admission review process, therefore you do not need to apply for these awards. If you have been awarded a scholarship and/or graduate assistantship, you will be notified by email from the Krannert MBA and Master’s Programs Office. Scholarships are awarded to very few applicants so we advise students to plan ahead for alternate funding sources and arrive prepared to pursue your education through self-funding or other appropriate means. The following Purdue resources are also available:

Health Information

  • Make sure you fulfill the State of Indiana's immunization requirements. You will need to submit official documentation of your immunizations and may need to get the required vaccinations before arriving.
  • Complete a Medical History Form
  • Sign up for health insurance. University regulations state that International Students and Graduate Staff students with benefit eligible assistantships must have health insurance. Benefit eligible Graduate Staff students have the opportunity to sign up for health insurance in the first few weeks after arrival on campus. International students must purchase the University sponsored plan unless you qualify for a limited waiver. See Health Insurance Waiver form for International Students. See the Grad Student Insurance Web page for more complete information. Domestic students who opt out of the Graduate Staff University plan may be asked to provide Staff Benefits with information on the alternative health insurance plan. Domestic students not on an assistantship or eligible for benefits are encouraged, but not required to have health insurance.

Watch for fee statements

Pay your fees, if any, by the due date on the bill e-mailed to you. Fee statements will be sent to your @purdue.edu email address. If fees are not paid by the due date, you may incur late fees and your registration may be cancelled. Only electronic bills are sent. You will have to print your invoice from myPurdue if you choose not to pay online. To pay online or to print your invoice, go to myPurdue and click on the "Financial" tab and then the "Manage my Account" tab.

Confirm your registration through myPurdue

Paying your fees automatically confirms your registration. If you do not owe any fees, you must log on to myPurdue and confirm your registration when your account statement arrives by electronic mail. All invoicing is done electronically through myPurdue's eBilling feature.

Start Your Career and Professional Development Journey

During the summer you will be contacted by your career coach from the Krannert Professional Development Center (KPDC). Here are the next steps to get started: 


1. Activate Your Career Management Account (CMA) and MBA Focus Account


  1. Go to https://krannert-purdue-csm.symplicity.com/students/
  2. Use your Purdue email address as your user name
  3. Use the temporary password Krannert2015 to log in
  4. Complete the survey and agree to the terms and conditions of use
  5. Complete all sections of the Profile. Note: you will not be able to advance past the profile area until you have completed all required fields.
  6. Change your password

MBA Focus:

  1. Go to 

    https://gtscandidate.mbafocus.com/Purdue/Candidates/Login.aspx?pid=1817 (for STEM and MSF) or go to https://gtscandidate.mbafocus.com/Purdue/Candidates/Login.aspx?pid=1818 (for MSHRM and MBA)

  2. Click on New User. Use your Purdue email address
  3. Create an account

REMEMBER: You received your Purdue e-mail user address and activation PIN from the Graduate School; please make sure you have activated your Purdue e-mail account.

If you have any problems or questions please email gcs@purdue.edu

2. Upload Resume into your CMA/Set up Skype Session with your Career coach

Follow the directions below, review the examples in the Resume Guide, submit the first draft of your resume based on those guidelines and then schedule your Skype session. 
(One Year MBA for STEM Professionals and MSF students will be scheduled to meet with their career coaches during orientation)

Access the Resume Guide:

  1. Log on to your CMA
  2. Click on document library in the Quick Link section on the right side of your homepage.  Note: you will not be able to advance past the profile area until you have completed all required fields
  3. Find the Resume Guide and click to open

Submit the first draft of your Resume:

  1. Log on to your CMA
  2. Click on Documents Tab
  3. Click Add New and submit your first draft

Schedule your Skype Session:

The instructions for scheduling your Skype session are contained within the document library of your CMA titled “Appointment Scheduling Instructions.”

If your schedule should change, you can access your Calendar to adjust your appointment.  If the Career coach has a conflict, he/she will contact you.

3. Upload Revised Resume (after review and Skype Session with Career coach)

Once you have agreed upon final revisions:

  1. Upload your resume into your CMA documents
  2. Label as “Web Resume.” This will be the resume that is used to create resume books for our employers
  3. Select it as “Make Default.” The title of the document will be bolded. Note, if you only have one resume, it will be the default
  4. Upload your revised resume to MBA Focus

We look forward to working with you. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at gcs@purdue.edu

Complete the Pre-Arrival Survey

Available mid-June

Save the Date for Your Orientation

June 1 – 2:                    One Year MBA for STEM Professionals Orientation

June 22 – 23:                  Master of Science with a concentration in Finance, MS(F) Orientation

August 3 – 7:                   International Student Orientation
*Required for all international students in the MBA and MSHRM programs.

August 12 – 21:               Krannert Launch Orientation for all MBA and MSHRM Students
*Required for all international and domestic students in the MBA and MSHRM Program.

August 17 – 21:               Master of Science with a concentration in Accounting, MS(A) Orientation

Finish Your To-Do List During Orientation

  • Get a student identification (ID) card at the Card Services Office
  • Get a parking permitif needed. You need to register for classes before you can get a parking pass. Note: you also must live a certain distance from campus to be eligible for a parking permit.  
  • MBA students will register for classes. Review module 1 course registration information, syllabus information, textbook list and pre-work assignments.
  • Update your contact information upon moving. Visit myPurdue and go to "Personal Information" under "Quick Links" on the left side of the screen.