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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I apply?
To apply to the EBV program, click here.

How much does it cost?
The program is offered at no cost to post-9/11 veterans with service-connected disabilities that demonstrate a passion for small business ownership


  • We will have air travelers and drivers to the Purdue EBV program.
  • Our team will work with delegates to arrange flights, provide directions and parking passes, and discuss reimbursements.
  • Shuttles will be provided from the airport to the hotels and various events.
  • Drivers will be provided parking passes and will be expected to ride the shuttles once on the Purdue campus.

Will there be accommodations for my disability or dietary requests?
Yes, we will have you describe your accomodation request prior to your arrival.

You require two letters of recommendation: why? And who should these letters come from?
We are seeking applicants who demonstrate drive and determination in their approach to life and work. Letters of recommendation from current or former co-workers, commanders, supervisors, counselors, etc., help us make such an assessment. Letters of recommendation from family members are discouraged.

Do I need to have a college degree, or have taken some college courses, to attend?
No. The EBV is program designed to be accessible to anyone with a passion for becoming a business owner, regardless of prior educational experiences.