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Get Involved

There are numerous ways under which anyone can be involved in the EBV program. Apart from onboarding veterans into the EBV program, we also welcome supporters in volunteer opportunities and donations (both monetary and gifts in kind). If you're interested in giving back to those who have given so much to our country, becoming involved as a supporter of EBV is just what you're looking for.


If you are a veteran with a 'service-connected disability' as designated by the Veterans Administration and have served in active duty after September 2001 who demonstrates a strong interest in entrepreneurship and has a high motivation for owning and managing a business -- apply to the EBV program today!


As a volunteer of EBV, we offer many different opportunities well-suited for different types of individuals. We welcome volunteers in public outreach, event execution, speakers, and much more.

See more information in our Volunteer page!

Attention Purdue Students: Interested in volunteering and getting credits? Checkout MGMT 49000 - Social Entrepreneurship in Practice with Professor Mosakowski in the Fall semester.  Enrollment in this class will allow students to gain insight into social entrepreneurship with a special focus on the EBV and veterans with disabilities.  During the semester, students will work with the EBV participants to help start their businesses.  To learn more about the topic of social entrepreneurship check out this youtube video.



The EBV office would also welcome other forms of aid! For details, please see our Donations page. Help our veterans any way you can!