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As an EBV volunteer you have the opportunity to give back to those that have given so much for this country. To this end, the EBV offers individuals numerous volunteer opportunities; whether you are an entrepreneur or just want to help execute the event. Please note that volunteer opportunities will open in Fall 2014!

Become a 2014 EBV volunteer; together we could make the difference!!! The EBV will need about 125 volunteers for its four main events! These include the Genius Bar, Venture Pitch Competition, Business Commercialization Plan Critique, and Commencement Reception. Feel free to volunteer for more than one event. 

Below please find volunteer position descriptions and volunteer benefits. For any questions regarding volunteer opportunities, please visit the Contact Us page. 

Position Descriptions

Bootcamp Mentor - If you have entrepreneurial or business management field experience, come share your wealth of knowledge and guide EBV students toward achieving their dreams.

Speaker - The EBV program seeks speakers who are engaging, driven, and interested in helping others realize their own potential in entrepreneurship.

Event Execution Coordinator - If you would like a more ‘hands on’ experience, volunteer as an Event Execution Coordinator where you will help with event logistics, like set-up, tear-down, and execution.

Public Outreach Coordinator - Are you a creative and organized individual who wants to increase your marketing and public outreach experience? If so, volunteer as a Public Outreach Coordinator where you will learn to utilize social media, presentation skills, etc. to promote the EBV program.

Flex Volunteer - Are you interested in more than one position and can’t decide which one to chose? If so, the EBV offers a Flex Volunteer position where volunteers are utilized in numerous capacities on an “as needed” basis.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Improving EBV students’ leadership skills, communication skills, as well as cultural diversification abilities.
  • Helping EBV students with their business commercialization plans by putting your MBA skills and experience into practice.
  • Promoting our LGL goals by teaching EBV students to cultivate networks, value diversity, build teams and practice service leadership.

“We sincerely hope our EBV students have learned as much from us about how to build and sustain a successful business as we have learned from them about courage, resilience and the strength of the human spirit.”

Chris Earley, Krannert School of Management 

Attention Purdue Students - Interested in volunteering and receiving credits? If so, Checkout MGMT 49000 - Social Entrepreneurship in Practice with Professor Mosakowski during the Fall semester. Enrollment in this class will allow students to gain insight into social entrepreneurship with a special focus on the EBV and veterans with disabilities. During the semester, students will work with the EBV participants to help start their businesses. To learn more about the topic of social entrepreneurship check out this youtube video.

Lawson Roth  

Read about Krannert student Lawson Roth's experience with MGMT 49000 and the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV).