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Krannert People

Krannert People

Krystle King
Krystle King

Second-Year MSHRM Student
Gary, Indiana

Why should a prospective student choose the Krannert School?

A prospective student should choose Krannert because not only are you receiving a really good education from one of the top business schools, you become apart of a large network the day you are accepted.  The network that exists within Krannert is amazing and it is almost as if you have an additional family that will be supportive and influential throughout your entire career.

What extracurricular clubs are you in involved in at Krannert, and how have they contributed to your experience?

Society of Human Resource Management and Krannert Society of Black Managers

Both organizations have helped me both personally and professionally.  These organizations allows me to learn outside of the classroom, network, build leadership skills, and also be involved within the Lafayette community.  In addition, we have fun together!  

How would you describe the Krannert faculty?

I would describe the Krannert faculty as very supportive.  Every faculty member is dedicated and committed to the success of every student and it is displayed on an everyday basis.  They really take the time to get to know all of the students and make sure every question or concern is addressed.

Your classmates come from a variety of work backgrounds...what have you been able to learn from them?

Everyone has something to contribute whether it is within group meetings, lectures, organizations, etc. We all learn from each other and thatís one of the great things about our program.

How has the Krannert School helped develop your leadership skills?

Krannert has helped me develop my leadership skills by allowing ample amount of opportunities to become involved even as a first year student.  Krannert has so many organizations that you can join and we even have a Launching Global Leaders class solely dedicated to the topic of leadership. We also have so many faculty and staff members with so much experience that serves as great role models.

How would you describe living in West Lafayette?

West Lafayette is very peaceful and Purdueís campus is beautiful. The cost of living here is really affordable and it is conveniently located between two major cities, Indianapolis and Chicago.

Away from Krannert...what do you do for fun?

Away from Krannert I usually go bowling, shopping, out to eat, and to the movies.  I also enjoy spending time with my dog.

How have you been assisted in your job search?

My job search went really well with the help of the faculty and staff at Krannert. Everyone at Krannert does a really good job preparing us for the recruitment season.  Before school even started everyone had to meet with a career coach assisted with career paths as well as discussing/editing resumes.  We also had a mock career fair, mock phone interviews, mock in-person interviews, and we had to practice our elevator pitches multiple times. Our Career Services and Professional Development office also does a really good with getting employers to actual come to campus and conduct interviews as well.

Who is the person, business world or otherwise, that you most admire, and why?

Oprah Winfrey.  I admire her most because she didnít allow the trails she faced growing up to stop        her from achieving her goals. Although she faced many adversities, she has made a name for herself by becoming a powerful businesswoman.

When we catch up with you in 10 years, what do you expect to be doing?

In 10 years, I plan to be a VP of Human Resources for a Fortune 500 company.