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Krannert People

Krannert People

Phil Lu
Phil Lu

BSM '08, MBA '11
West Monroe Partners

Could you explain what your job entails?

"I'm a consultant in West Monroe Partners' Operations Excellence practice. My job seems to encompass a little bit of everything. I've written proposals, work plans, and methodology that uses finance, strategy, operations, and a number of soft skills. My current project is a SMART grid implementation, where I'm assisting with the project management of the systems integration portion." 


Why should a prospective student choose the Krannert School?
"What Krannert really does is teach students how to learn. Krannert offers a number of challenges and opportunities that provide students an environment to work together to solve problems and practice the skills necessary to be successful in the real world."


What was the thing you enjoyed most about your time at Purdue?

"The thing I enjoyed most about Purdue was definitely the extracurricular activities. While the classes are first-class, the added experiences we have from leading organizations, studying abroad, and competing in case competitions abroad are truly unparalleled."


How did those extracurricular activities help prepare you for your career?

"I tried to take advantage of everything I could. In undergrad I was primarily involved with my business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, the Management Information Systems Association, and the Asian American Association. In the graduate program I became heavily involved with the student government, Consulting Club, International Business Club, and mentoring. I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Paris, Madrid, Rome, Budapest, and Taiwan, as well as compete in Germany, Canada, and some other states in the U.S."


"There are an incredible amount of extracurricular activities available at Krannert. While classes teach you the business content, the extracurriculars are your test lab. The extracurricular activities allow you to apply the same concepts and skills used every day in the real world."


How was the teamwork among students at Krannert?

"There is always something to learn from the group you're working with. Whether it's learning to manage underperformers or overachievers, or learning new processes and ideas, Krannert gives ample opportunities to work in groups and learn from each other."


What role did the diversity of the student body play in your Krannert experience?

"Krannert has an incredibly diverse student body. The world is no longer siloed. It's become more and more evident as we see our economy directly impacted by the events unfolding in other parts of the world. Learning to collaborate with people from other parts of the world is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Krannert provides an environment where you are fully immersed in an international experience. As you walk through Krannert or Rawls you can hear a multitude of different languages and have an amazing opportunity to learn from students from around the world."


What was your favorite class at Krannert, and why?

"Professor Matthew Lynall leads the Experiential Learning Initiative. This class aligns students with different organizations to practice the skills you’ve learned in class in a consulting project. This class was the perfect environment to try out the different concepts you've learned in class in an environment where you still have the academic support needed to push yourself to deliver more than you thought you could."