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Krannert People

Krannert People

Aaron LoCicero
Aaron LoCicero

MS Accounting Student
Boston, MA

Why should a prospective student choose the Krannert School?
Krannert does really great job of getting employers on campus throughout the year and making sure students take advantage of the opportunities. Krannertís main goal, outside of academics, has been job placement. They give us the tools we need to be successful not only on paper but also in person.  Krannert breaks down the entire process of starting a career from start to finish leaving no stone unturned.  The faculty and staff do everything in their power to give students opportunities to find careers once they have completed their education.  With Krannertís help, I have had no shortage of interviews and job offers.

"What extracurricular clubs are you involved in at Krannert, and how have they contributed to your experience?"
In Krannert I am involved in two clubs. I am a student representative for the Krannert Graduate Student Association (KGSA), which is the governing body of Krannertís student clubs and is responsible for representing the interests of the entire student body. I am also a member of Graduate Accounting Association (GAAP) at Purdue. Both of these have fostered my leadership experience."   

How would you describe the Krannert faculty?
One word to describe Krannertís faculty is interested. This may sound cheesy but the faculty here really do care. Every time I talk to faculty, whether it is in office hours or I see them after class, conversations quickly turn into how I am doing, whether it be as a student in the Masterís program or in terms of starting my career. Then that conversation always follows with 'Is there anything I can do to help you.' The faculty at Krannert go above and beyond to assist me and my fellow classmates with anything we may need."  

Your classmates come from a variety of work backgrounds...what have you been able to learn from them?
"The one thing I have really been able to learn from students with backgrounds from different professions and industries and from different countries is the ability to look at a problem in more than one way. Group projects are a big part of the academic experience at Krannert and countless times before meeting with the group I can read an assignment and think 'OK, this can be done, here is what I would do,' not even thinking about other possibilities.  Then when I meet with my group I am fascinated with all of the other possibilities that can be done with this assignment that have been brought about by my classmates. This has allowed me to think about a problem in ways I wouldnít even understand before I came to Krannert and has made me a much stronger and more valued employee to companies."

How would you describe living in West Lafayette?
"Personally I enjoy the small town feel.  The city revolves around Purdue and you always have something in common with everybody, no matter where you go in West Lafayette. Purdue is close to some large cities if you want to enjoy that big city feel for a weekend." 

Away from Krannert...what do you do for fun?
"Outside of Krannert, I enjoy being physically active. I have played rugby for Purdueís club team for over 4 years which has been great not only physically but socially as well.  I also enjoy getting involved in numerous intramural sports with my fellow Krannert classmates whether it is volleyball, football, basketball, and a few others. There are students at Krannert that appreciate sports as much as I do and I can always find several people to hang out with and play a quick pick up game."

When we catch up with you in 10 years, what do you expect to be doing?
"In 10 years I expect to be a Senior Manager of a Big 4 accounting firm. I will be on track to becoming Partner in a couple yearsí time. I have just finished an international tour where I assisted several large clients in international tax strategies. Further down the road I hope to become partner, or look into opening up my own Accounting Firm."