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Courses in Technical Management Institute

Class 1, Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

Putting Your Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts to Work for Your Organization

Bob White
Six Sigma Black Belt and Project Manager, Kirby Risk, Inc.
Instructor, Purdue University online Lean Six Sigma program

Whether you are considering a certification in Lean Six Sigma for yourself or if you’d like to better utilize the skills of your employees with Lean or Six Sigma certifications, this course will lay out the ways these methodologies and toolsets can have a tremendous impact in cost savings for your organization. Your instructor will help you understand the differences between Lean and Six Sigma, how they are used together, and how to best manage an employee or a consultant providing Lean Six Sigma expertise as they work a project in or for your organization.

Class 2, The Dynamics of Leading Technical Employees

Dr. Ben Dunford
   Associate Professor of Management in Krannert School of Management, Purdue University

With an explicit focus on leadership of technical employees and the unique factors that help motivate them, this course is taught from a managerial perspective, with an emphasis on what practicing managers need to know to effectively lead and motivate employees, especially technical employees.  The goals of the course are to:

  • Provide participants with a richer understanding of what managerial leadership involves
  • Help participants formulate their own model of leadership
  • Help participants identify specific approaches to motivating and leading technical employees
  • Provide participants some feedback about their own leadership characteristics and skills

Class 3, Cost Managment

Dr. Lynda Thoman
Assistant Professor of Management
Krannert School of Management, Purdue University

This course provides an overview of management's financial expectations for the technical workforce, with particular emphasis on cost management.  Thus, participants will gain an understanding of their impact on the budgeting process, the management of working capital, and the profitability of the organization.

Class 4, Program and Project Management

Mitch Springer
College of Technology, Purdue University

The Program and Project Management course in the Technical Management Institute is a fast-paced experience that will stimulate you into looking for ways to incorporate project management into your organizational processes or enhance those you already have. Dr. Springer will help you acquire skills that will aid you in completing projects on time, staying within budget, maintaining consistent, high quality and gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. You will learn the essentials of defining, scheduling and staffing your program or project, as well as executing your program plan with the teamwork necessary for success.  

Class 5, The Product Development Cycle

Dr. Dan McQuiston
Professor and Chair of the Marketing and Management Department,
College of Business, Butler University

There are two parallel paths involved in the process of developing new products and services. One involves the idea generation, product design, and detail engineering; the other involves market research, marketing analysis, and the branding of the product. This course will focus on the marketing path for products and services from concept to introduction and deployment. Different development cycle assessment methodologies will be reviewed and participants will examine the implications of development cycled on the marketing mix (i.e., product design and features, pricing distribution, and promotion) for a particular product or service.