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About the Executive MBA

The Purdue EMBA Difference

Four factors make Purdue stand out relative to other programs:

The Structure:  We combine quarterly on-campus learning with advanced on-line instruction and interaction. Between campus residencies, you interact with your group members, work on team assignments, discuss management issues, and interact with the faculty. You do this from home to minimize disruptions to work and family obligations. The quarterly travel means that your fellow professionals in the class can and do come from around the world. This allows you a much broader array of insights and networking than most local or regional programs.

The People:  The people you meet during the program are important to your learning success. First, we recruit professionals who are dealing with challenges such as yourself. We require a minimum of five years’ work experience and we achieve an average of 13 years. So, you will be learning not just from the faculty, but also from your fellow students. Second, we engage our top faculty to teach in the program. They bring insights from their many years as instructors and from working with companies around the world. Third, we’ve collected a top team to run the executive education program. They are ready to guide you through the application process and then support you throughout the program.

The Cohort:  We adhere to a cohort approach – all students start the program together and go through the whole program together, and graduate together. This camaraderie forms ties that will help you after graduation as you continue to deal with work challenges. The ties formed are strong since each residency is 1-2 weeks in length. You not only interact in the classroom, but you work on projects in the evenings and also attend social events as a group. All students live at a nearby hotel – no one goes home after classes, even the few who live in town. The bonding through these residencies is hard to recreate through other, shorter formats.

The Personalized Program:  In the Purdue EMBA, you have a range of electives. The functional electives are voted on from a list developed from student ideas. The immersion electives are a feature exclusive to the Purdue EMBA. The topics for these electives are developed based on student input. Students then rank order topics of interest and groups of 5-9 students are formed around topics of interest (e.g. game theory, management consulting, speaking skills, preparing for an international assignment, trust in organizations, compensation systems, and more). Students then provide input to the faculty member regarding what they would like taught in that elective – thus personalizing the elective to student interests.