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Application Instructions

The following instructions are designed to assist you in completing the application to our Executive MBA (EMBA) or Global MBA (IMM) programs. We recommend printing or keeping the instructions visible while you complete the application. Do not forget to save your username and password in case you need to work on the application in multiple sessions, or need to adjust an answer before submitting. It will be helpful if you have the following on hand when completing the application: resume (for employment dates and uploading), credit card, test scores (if applicable), and answers to the essay questions (you can see the essay questions by clicking on Management (Executive MBA) in the sidebar once you have logged into the system.

Step 1: Create An Account

1.  Complete the "personal information" section
2.  Under "Term and Program" Information:
Campus: select West Lafayette (main campus)
Program: select Management (Executive MBA)
Enrollment Objective: select Master of Business Administration
Entry Term and Year: select spring 2015 for the IMM program; select fall 2014 for EMBA program
3.  Complete Login Information section
4.  Click "Submit information."
5.  You will be directed to a new page: click on "click here" link to begin the application.
6.  You will be redirected to the application login page where you will enter your username and password.
7.  You will be asked to read the Terms of Use and must select "I agree" and "I have read the above notice" in order to continue. Then click "continue."
8.  Click on "Application for Admission" link in the middle of the page.
9.   Please read the application instructions thoroughly. Click on "applicant information" in the black sidebar to begin the application

Step 2: Click on "Applicant Information" in the sidebar and provide the required information. This is personal information, and you should be able to complete it without assistance. When finished, click "save and continue."

Step 3: Complete the Campus and Program Section

1.  Under the Campus, Program and Area of Interest section:
        Select: West Lafayette (Main Campus)
        Select Management (Executive MBA)
        Select: Your area of interest, which would be either EMBA-Executive MBA or the IMM-International MBA, depending upon the program to which you are  applying
2.  Under "Enrollment Objective and Term" section:
       Enrollment Objective: select: Master of Business Administration
       Entry term and Year, select spring 2015 for the IMM program or fall 2014 for the EMBA program.
3.  Educational Goal
       Select "Master's"
4.  Faculty list should not be completed, nor the Fellowship questionClick save and continue

Step 4: Complete the educational section, listing all universities you have attended, beginning with the most recent.

The school code is required.  Touch the Look-up button, you will see instructions on how to search for your university and what to do if it is not on the list. Try typing in key general information such as country or state in which degree was earned, e.g. Brazil, Louisiana, etc. and click "search." If your university comes up, select it, and continue completing the information on the educational background page.If your university does not appear, type in "School Not Listed" in the name of institution field and click "search." Click the link "1.000000/School Not Listed" displayed at the top of the page. This will return you to the Education Background section of your application. Once there, please update "School Not Listed" by typing in the name of your institution in the Name of Institution field. When this step is complete, finish the remainder of the educational background section and click "save and continue."

Step 5: Management (Executive MBA) section-enter sponsorship information if you are sponsored by your company. Continue and upload your essays. Click "Save and Continue."

Step 6: Complete test scores, if applicable. Click "Save and Continue."

Step 7: Complete the employment section. Please start with your current employer. Since work experience is important to us, we need to see all relevant employment information. Click "save and continue."

Step 8: Please upload your resume. Click "save and continue."

Step 9: Please skip the Fellowship Applicant Essay. It is not applicable to our programs. Click "save and continue."

Step 10: Complete the Statement of Purpose

1.  The Statement of Purpose is very similar to our first essay question, but it is a required part of the application. You may use this essay to go into greater detail about why you want an MBA. If you feel you have nothing additional to add, you may simply upload the first essay as the Statement of Purpose. Click "save and continue."

Step 11:  Complete the Recommendation Provider List. We require two recommendations, one of which should be from your immediate supervisor, if possible.

Step 12: Complete the Acknowledgements section. Select appropriate responses and click "save & continue."

Step 13: Click on "Check your application" in the sidebar. If your application is complete, click "proceed to submission."

Step 14: Confirm your application and information and click "continue."

Step 15: Enter the Credit Card information and touch "continue."


Click here to be taken directly to our application: https://app.applyyourself.com/AYApplicantLogin/ApplicantConnectLogin.asp?id=purduegrad