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Abel Jeuland

John W. Boudreau

Robert L. Carraway

Karel Cool

Carolyn Woo

Donald R. Lehmann

Kenneth B. Dunn

Dominique Hanssens

Jack Hughes

Hugo Sonnenschein

Gary J. Koehler

Michael J. Shaw

Cynthia Montgomery

Chris Muscarella

Narakesari Narayandas

Nicholas Petruzzi

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Mastering the Business of Innovation

At Krannert we prepare leaders who transform business and business education through rigorous analysis and innovative insight. Doctoral students work closely with distinguished business school faculty to develop the research and teaching skills required for successful and rewarding careers. 

Students collaborate with faculty on groundbreaking research in management and economics.  Many of our alumni are leading scholars and educators in their disciplines, and our faculty serve as mentors to ensure you have the same opportunity to achieve. Choose from our world class doctoral programs in:

  • Economics
  • Management with specialties in
    • Accounting 
    • Finance 
    • Marketing 
    • Management Information Systems 
    • Supply Chain and Operations Management 
    • Quantitative Methods 
    • Strategic Management
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resources (OBHR)

Annual PhD Project Conference

We will be recruiting students at The PhD Project Conference November 15-17, 2017 in Chicago. Apply by September 30 if you would like to attend.