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Research Achievements

Our doctoral students are actively working on a variety of research projects and attending professional conferences.  Below are examples of their successes.

Robert W. Johnson Awards for Distinguished Research

To be eligible for the Robert W. Johnson Award for Distinguished Research Proposal, a student must submit a proposal for the PRF grant competition during the academic year. Only students who are eligible candidates for a PRF grant will be considered for the research proposal award. The award is based on the merit of the PRF proposal. The ranking of PRF grant proposals is done by separate panels of faculty members for Economics and Management.  The members of these panels are appointed by the respective policy heads.

RWJ Award 2016-17

Peter Wagne (left, Economics),for his 2016-17 PRF proposal entitled: “I Think that you Think…” An Experimental Analysis of Level-k Rule Learning in Repeated Mixed-Strategy Games

Shiau-Ling Guo (right, Strategic Management), for her 2016-17 PRF proposal entitled: Contractual Governance in Inter-Organizational Relationships: Evidence from the U.S. Franchise Industry

J and Warut

James Bland (left, Economics), for his 2015-16 PRF proposal entitled: The Roommate’s Dilemma: An Experimental Analysis of Choice Bracketing in Games

Warut Khern-am-nuai (right, Management Information Systems), for his 2015-16 PRF proposal entitled: Incentive Problems in Digital Markets

Evan Totty and Na Zhang
2014 - 2015

Evan Toddy (left, Economics), for his 2014-15 PRF proposal entitled: Minimum Wages and Employment: A Factor Model Analysis

Na Zhang (right, Management Information Systems), for her 2014-15 PRF proposal entitled: Essays on Nudging Consumers’ Behavior: Evidence from Online Grocery Shopping

Introduction to their research: Evan Totty and Na Zhang

2013 - 2014

Zachary “Zack” Davis (left, Economics), for his 2013-2014 PRF proposal entitled: Do For-Profit Schools Target Veterans? The 90/10 Rule and Its Consequences

William “Bill” O’Brien (right, Finance), for his 2013-14 PRF proposal entitled: Does the Dominant Motivation for Share Repurchases Vary Over Time?


Hyojung Lee (left, Economics), for her 2012-2013 PRF proposal entitled: Income Elasticity of Demand and Volatility.

Jianqing “Fisher” Wu (right, Management Information Systems), for his 2012-13 PRF proposal entitled: Bundling and Renting of Information Goods.

Research Awards 2011-2012
2011 - 2012

Jaehong Kim (left, Economics), for his 2011-12 PRF proposal entitled: Repeated Directed Search.

Jing Wang (right, Finance), for her 2011-12 PRF proposal entitled: Debt Contract Renegotiations.

Research Award 2010

Justin Krieg (left, Economics), for his 2010-2011 PRF proposal entitled: When Cooperative Subjects Aren’t so Cooperative.

Hung Do (right, Supply Chain and Operations Management), for his 2010-2011 PRF proposal entitled: Backward Partial Information Sharing and Its Usage for Decision Making in Supply Chains.

Research Award 2009

Alex Kim (left, Marketing), for his 2009-2010 PRF proposal entitled: Optimal Number of Advertising Slots in a Generalized Second Price Auction for Search Advertising.

Bettina Klose (right, Economics), for her 2009-10 PRF proposal entitled: Identity-dependent Externalities in All-pay Auctions.