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Undergraduate Programs

Accounting degrees and curriculum

There are several degree options for our Accounting Program. You can major in Accounting, complete a concentration in Accounting, earn a Certificate of Advanced Accountancy or even complete a master's degree. 


An Accounting major means you will earn a bachelor of science degree in management with a major in accounting. This requires 120 credit hours, typically spread over four years, although it's not uncommon to go slightly longer.

Accounting majors take a core curriculum that includes courses in analysis, economics, accounting and statistics. You'll also take general classes, like English, math and history.

Your first two years you will be in the "lower division." Once you successfully complete the classes in the lower division and meet grade requirements, you'll be admitted to the upper division.

Upper division courses will be noticeably more challenging in the areas of accounting, statistics and business. You'll take courses in human resources, management information systems and law. Upper division is rigorous to ensure that when you graduate you will be ready to succeed in the workplace.


In addition to your major, you may choose to add a concentration to your degree, which is similar to a minor. You can still graduate in four years, and you’ll expand your career options. Students may also pair a Krannert degree with a minor from another college at Purdue. Popular minors include foreign languages, political science, psychology or organizational leadership and supervision, among others.


Our Certificate of Advanced Accountancy is designed to offer undergraduate Accounting majors an educationally sound approach to meeting the educational requirements to sit for the CPA Exam. Since each state has different educational requirements to sit for the CPA Exam, we strongly recommend that you go to the relevant state CPA Society’s website for details on the requirements for the state(s) you are considering.


Many students want to sit for the CPA exam in order to be eligible for additional job opportunities upon graduation. In order to sit for the exam you must have a minimum of 150 credit hours of training. The bachelor's degree program requires 120 credit hours. So, we offer a master of science in accounting program. In one year (two semesters) you can receive advanced accounting training and earn the credits to sit for your CPA exam upon graduation. 

Just like your bachelor's degree, you have options that let you study and work in areas that are of interest to you.