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Undergraduate Programs

OBHR curriculum

Organizational Behavior and Human Resources is an area of concentration. Different from a major or minor, a concentration lets you focus on an area of special interest within your major. You can complete a concentration in more than one area and within any of our majors. For example, you can earn a bachelor of science degree in management with a concentration in organizational behavior and human resources.

Choosing a concentration doesn't mean you will take additional classes. Your major (Industrial Management, Accounting, Management or Economics) requires you to successfully complete 124 credit hours. You will fill some of those hours with electives, or classes that are not required for your major. If you select a concentration, your electives will include classes to fulfill the concentration requirements.

In Organizational Behavior and Human Resources you might choose courses that focus on labor relations, ethics, law or performance appraisal. You can also choose more than one concentration. Some classes even count toward two concentrations. Each concentration requires about 12 credit hours.

Talk with your advisor about your career plans. They can help you decide which major and concentration(s) are right for you. They can also help you find opportunities for leadership and growth through clubs, organizations or study abroad programs.