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Mentors share insights with current Krannert students about organizations, industries, and career strategies. This mentoring can occur in person or via phone or Skype. If you would enjoy mentoring the next generation of global business leaders at Krannert, please contact Maureen Huffer Landis (765-494-7445) or Amber Perkins (765-496-2618).

MGMT 301 Classroom Opportunities

  • Alumni Adopt-a-Team Program - within the class structure, alumni "adopt" 48 class teams. During the course of the semester, these teams interact with alumni via telephone and Skype to conduct informational interviews on career topics
  • Employer Mock Interview Program - all students within the course "interview" with an employer who provides constructive feedback on interviewing skills

Career Opportunities

  • Career Exploration Day - occurring in the fall, this event brings exploratory students, interns and alumni together to help students explore career-related questions
  • Review of Resumes - to provide, resume critique advice to Krannert students, contact Erik Props (765-494-1688)