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BS + Master's Programs

Combined degree programs are a great way to accelerate your career by earning a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in just five years. Krannert undergraduate students may combine a bachelor's degree with an MBA or a Master's in Human Resource Management, and Purdue students in other colleges have options as well. Apply in the fall of your junior year. 

B.S. + Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Management/MBA Combined Degree Program is open to high-achieving students in the Krannert School of Management. Qualified students take three years of undergraduate coursework and two years of graduate classes.

B.S. + M.S. Human Resource Management (MSHRM)

The Management/Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) Combined Degree Program will allow high-achieving students to enter the Human Resource Management profession with solid preparation for career success.

Non-Krannert B.S./B.A. + Krannert Graduate Degree 

Purdue undergraduates outside of the Krannert School of Management have the option to combine their degree with a Krannert MBA or master's program. These programs are open to engineering, communication, health science and STEM undergraduate students.