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Retake Policy

If you fail to initially meet the minimum MAI/EAI, you will have additional opportunities to meet the minimum MAI/EAI requirements. 

MAI/EAI courses

# of MAI/EAI  courses taken at Purdue-West Lafayette

# of courses allowed Retakes







If 4-6 of the MAI/EAI courses are taken at Purdue – West Lafayette, then:

  • A maximum of three different MAI/EAI courses may be taken two times each for a grade*

If 2 MAI/EAI courses are taken at Krannert, then:

  • A maximum of two different MAI/EAI courses may be taken two times each for a grade*

*Your most recent (not best) earned grade will be used to calculate your Admissions Index. Once a letter grade in a course has been earned at Purdue West Lafayette, you cannot use transfer credit for the same course when calculating your MAI/EAI. Your Purdue West Lafayette grade will be used in the MAI/EAI calculation.

If you exceed the retake policy, you will be allowed a registration PIN for one additional semester of enrollment in Krannert after which you must CODO out of the School. A registration PIN will not be given to you after one semester of enrollment upon exhausting eligibility for Upper Division.

Transfer Credit Policy for the Admissions Index

Transfer credit may be used for your MAI/EAI requirements. However, Krannert requires that you take at least 3 of the 6 MAI/EAI courses at Purdue West Lafayette, or a minimum of 2 of the MAI/EAI Krannert courses (MAI: MGMT 20000 & ECON 25100; EAI: ECON 25100 & ECON 25200).You must earn at least a 3.0/4.0 GPA in the courses identified as your MAI/EAI coursework.

If you are transferring in courses for your MAI/EAI for a given term, you must have your transfer credit sent to Purdue within one week after grades have posted.

Official copies should be sent to:

  • Office of Admissions
    Purdue University
    Schleman Hall
    475 Stadium Mall Dr.
    West Lafayette, IN 47907-2050
  • Unofficial copies should be sent to your advisor IN ADDITION to your official transcripts sent to Credit Evaluation as a way to allow our offices to preserve any upper division course registrations that may have already occurred prior to the review process.
    • Be sure the unofficial copy has your Name, the School’s Name, the School’s logo, the Course’s name and number, and the grade you received in the course. Screenshots from Blackboard or other LMS will not be permitted.