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Xinqi Gao

Xinqi Gao

Xinqi Gao graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in core mathematics and statistics in 2016.

Her short-term goal is to work for a leading multinational financial, investment banking or securities firm, in data analysis with a strong desire to work with business incubators, new start-ups or R&D. Her long-term goal is to assume a managerial position analyzing statistics and data to provide supportive information for the Chinese incubator industry.

At Xinhua News Agency, she assisted in research on Chinese Smart City and Chinese Think Tank. She regularly reported on financial news on different topics covering general economics, capital markets, private investors and government policy. She also supported and edited reports on business leaders, government officials and leading scholars in China.

Xinqi has the desire of improve her data analytical skills by learning machine learning, data mining, times series analysis and predictive analysis. To achieve her goal, she joined the Business Analytics and Information Management (BAIM) program at Purdue University.