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Kalyan Mupparaju

Kalyan Mupparaju

Kalyan graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), located in Varanasi, India in 2015 with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Civil Engineering.

After his undergraduate education, he joined Mu Sigma Business Solutions.  At Mu Sigma, he got to work with a Fortune 100 US-based retail giant. He worked on various analytical projects including new service impact measurement, cannibalization analysis, customer targeting, customer satisfaction analysis, and store space optimization. Kalyan’s work always impressed the clients, but he received special appreciation for a project in which he designed a framework to identify the high-value customers very early in their shopping journey. Towards the later part of his time at Mu Sigma, he was also leading the training of new analysts joining his team in SQL and team specific data knowledge.

It was during the General Elections of India in 2014 that Kalyan first witnessed the power of modern computing in driving key decisions. After reading about how the winning party used data analytics to its advantage, he realized that with the right data and appropriate technical knowledge to harness the data any organization can make winning decisions.

Kalyan believes that there will be a greater push for real-time data-driven decision making in the near future. He sees himself working with a major technology or retail company to lead this revolution by employing the skills and knowledge that he will acquire while pursuing the MS BAIM program at Purdue University.